Stephanie's UK trip to play at the "American Tribute to the Royal Wedding Concert", April-May 2011

Okay, here's the picture you really wanted to see.

Now, back to the rest of the trip in chronological order.
(Jump to: Wedding day Friday;  Saturday, Bath and Stonehenge;  Sunday concert.)

Thursday, April 28.
Richmond, just outside of London; this is the view of the Thames as seen from the park near our hotel.
near hotel

Wedding fever sweeps London. Here's the department store Harrod's, with a window display of wedding dresses and wedding cakes, including a cake decorated with a model of Harrod's itself (in the left window, where someone is taking a picture.)

The day before the wedding: people have already been camping along the processional route for a few days, staking out their places in the front row.

Still the day before the wedding: guards, police, and their horses rehearse the processional route.

dress rehearsal

Whitehall (government buildings) seen from St. James' park in London.

a lovely duck in St. James' park appears to be the only one in London unfazed by all the wedding hoopla.

We came upon this group in the park: an "English gentlemen's club" from Germany (in town for the wedding, of course),
who struck up an impromptu concert for us.
Click here to see a video of their performance!
I'm pretty sure the chap on the right, in the white gloves, keeping a watchful eye out, is their highly trained German ninja bodyguard.


Okay, on to more of the requisite sight-seeing. Here's the Tower of London.
tower of london

The Tower Bridge, seen from the Tower of London. Nice Maxwell Parrish clouds!!
Tower Bridge

The White Tower is the original part of the Tower of London grounds.
white tower

Displays inside the Tower of London: historical armor.

The Crown Jewels are housed at the Tower of London too, but you're not allowed to take pictures of them.

Here, however, is how they protected the 'family jewels' in the old days:


Elsewhere in London: Regent Street.
Regent Street

Covent Garden: Will-and-Kate-themed cupcakes.

Continued: Friday, April 29 - wedding day!