Royal Wedding trip, continued:
Wedding Day! Friday, April 29, 2011.
Since my invitation from Buckingham Palace to attend the ceremony itself seemed to have gotten lost in the mail [cough cough],
we braved the streets of London along the processional - recessional route. It was crowded but incredibly peaceful, friendly and civilized,
with no pushing, shoving, or trampling whatsoever.

(These are all pix taken with my own point-and-shoot camera, of what I saw with my own eyes; the focus isn't always great!
If you want to see good news-camera pictures, you can find them all over the internet.)

News cameras on cranes attached to the Queen Victoria Memorial just outside the gates of Buckingham Palace.
The boxy tan structures on and around the memorial statue are also populated by news cameras and reporters.
Talk about living in a fishbowl!!

Security was calmly but clearly evident all over London.
Any disruptive shenanigans
on wedding day would have been swiftly dealt with.

Here I pose with some of the friendly bobbies.
Sure, they smile, but you'll notice the blonde officer is not about to let me get away without a fight.


Here is Marlborough Gate in St. James' Park, which I climbed (like the 2 people on the left) to get a better view, above the heads of the crowd.
The police had shooed people down from trying to sit on the very top of the gate,
but left us alone for clinging to the midsection.

The 'you are here' map in St. James' Park.
The processional went from 
Buckingham Palace at the left of the map, east along 'The Mall',
turning right on "Horse Guards Road" on the right of the park, toward Westminster Abbey (not shown on this map).
The recessional after the wedding went along the same route in reverse.
The red 'you are here' button is at Marlborough Gate (shown above & below).
you are here

My co-climbers on the other half of the gate.
gate climbers

A Prince Harry look-alike gets his picture taken with tourists.
Harry look alike

The royal marching band entertain the crowds before the processional begins.
Among the selections I heard them play: the patriotic British favorites, "Star Wars" and "Hawaii Five-O". 

At last, the processional begins! First to arrive are some wedding guests in vans.
Probably these are family members; not all 1900 guests went along the processional route,
just those emanating from Buckingham Palace or thereabouts.

Then, the wedding party arrives in Rolls Royces, escorted by marching bands, police on motorbikes, and guards on horseback!
Here are some of the little 'bridesmaids' (we Yanks would call them flower girls). (Scroll down for a zoomed-in view.)

Zoomed-in view of the bridesmaids' car. Philippa Middleton, sister of the bride, is in the middle of the back seat.

Here are father-of-the-groom, His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales, and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.
charles and camilla

The groom, Prince William and his brother Prince Harry! (Scroll down for zoomed-in view.)
(The purple rectangular tubes marked "Blighty" are cardboard periscopes.)
princes arrive

Prince Harry (on our left) and Prince William, zoomed-in version of above pic.
princes arrive

Grandparents of the groom: her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
(Fashion note: 'matchy-matchy' is BACK!! In your FACE, Michael Kors!!!)

The veiled bride, Catherine Middleton, and her father Michael.

During the ceremony, there were loudspeakers set up here and in the other nearby parks so that the assembled crowds could hear the whole ceremony as it happened. Hyde Park also had a big screen set up with live video coverage.  I've read that when Will and Kate were pronounced husband and wife, the cheers from the crowds outdoors were so loud that they could be heard from inside the church!

After the ceremony: the marching band take their places to welcome the wedding party as they return to Buckingham Palace.
marching band

The recessional continues. Guards on black horses first, followed by open carriages drawn by white horses.

Bride and groom after the ceremony. (Scroll down for zoomed-in version.)
I wonder why the guys on white horses pulling the carriage wear white wigs,
while the footmen riding the carriage behind the bride and groom don't.
The rectangular tubes (some white and some purple) are periscopes.
whole crowd

Closeup from above picture.
Do you love the footmen's and guards' outfits???
will and kate

More of the recessional. Prince Harry in a carriage with a pageboy and two of the bridemaids.
Their carriage is not quite as grand as the bride and groom's, and they get brown horses instead of white.
They still get footmen on the back of the carriage, though.
(I know it's hard to see Harry in this pic; scroll down for clues.)

Zoomed-in view of pageboy (Master Tom Pettifer, left), Prince Harry and bridesmaid Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor.
(Not visible on the far side of Master Pettifer: bridesmaid Eliza Lopes.)

Well, that's it for wedding day!
Continue to see my pix from the following day, visiting Stonehenge and Bath.