Saturday, April 30, 2011. Sightseeing continues.
A couple hours' drive outside of London, ancient and mysterious Stonehenge is really worth a visit.

Then on to Bath, where Jane Austen used to live;
it was all the rage as a fashionable vacation spot in the 18th century, and is often used as a movie set for films set in that era.

A view from the other side of the covered bridge.

Bath, of course, is named for the natural hot mineral springs there.
Here is part of the ancient Roman baths that have been discovered and excavated/reconstructed.

The fountain in the restaurant adjoining the baths, where you can get a glass of the mineral water as it emanates from the spring.
This was often prescribed in large quantities by 18th century doctors.
It tastes like... warm water.

Bath Abbey.

I happened upon a choral concert in progress in the abbey; click to view the movie.

Well, that takes us all the way to Sunday, May 1 and concert day. Then tally ho and back to the States!